Using That Beautiful Phone The Proper Way!

There are three major devices through which the Gospel will be preached in this end time.

The Microphone

The Megaphone

The Mobile Phone.

The MICROPHONE; speaks of the PULPIT. the platform in church.

Most young ministers, after their Bible school or Seminary what comes to their mind is the Microphone. They become eager to grab the Microphone and showcase what they have learnt in Bible school. Which is good, but it's not everybody that's called to handle the Microphone.

The MEGAPHONE; The megaphone speaks more of the STREET.

Those who were not given the opportunity to handle the Microphone humbly went and bought a Megaphone and went to the street to preach the Gospel of Christ. These are the ones who decided to take Church to those who couldn't go to Church.

"If they can't come to church, take church to them."_

But it's a pity that Our Evangelists are no more in the Streets, they are now in the Church, dragging for the Microphone.
Using That Beautiful Phone The Proper Way!
Using That Beautiful Phone The Proper Way!


The Mobile phone speaks of the SOCIAL MEDIA Platforms. The most criticized and despised of these three is the Mobile Phone.

Many are yet to discover the use of the Mobile Phone for Evangelism.

Many of us buy Big Phones only to end up using it to chat and take pictures. and at the end we only succeed in using only 40% of what that phone was actually made for.


The easiest platform to reach Millions of souls with the Gospel is the Social Media platform. And you can easily access this platform with your Mobile Phone.

Before, you can only do that with your Desktop or Laptop, but now most of those things can now be done with your Mobile Phone.

Today, there are people who are blessing lives with their Gospel Pages on Facebook and Instagram. There are many Facebook Groups where lives are being Blessed.

There are also WhatsApp platforms where teachings are going on.

God is busy preparing online Ministers; Online Apostles, Evangelists and Teachers that will invade the Social Media and set it on fire For Christ.

I know that some over spiritual people may not believe what I'm saying now because they believe everything about the Social Media is bad. But the truth is that, the manner in which you view a thing will determine what you'll get from it.

If all you can see about the Social Media is the evil side of it, what you'll keep getting from it is evil.
But if what you can see is the Good side of it, you'll benefit a lot from it, and also touch lives with it.
I'm writing this brief Epistle to encourage all those whom God has also given the burden to touch lives through the Social Media Platforms.
Please don't allow anyone to discourage you or make you feel as if you're wasting your time. It's not everybody who's called into this Office.
This is a special office, and there are many Souls out there who need to hear this Gospel.
And as for me; "Even as I am an Apostle of the Social Media, I magnify my OFFICE"

Written by; Uche De Beloved.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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