Sinikiwe Kademaunga

The church should be the place of refuge for all. The church should not discriminate against the people for which it exists. The church must stand up for for our stigmatized kindred.
By Apostle Pride Sibiya

My HIV+ friend is still my friend.
My pastor who is an albino is as anointed .
My raped wife is my equal partner.
My ex-convict husband is still head of my family.
My blind teacher will take me to University.
My poor relatives are still my relatives.
My friend without a leg is not inabled, he is differently enabled.
My neighbours whoengage in domestic violence MUST STOP!

As I write this article I celebrate my spiritual daughter who always does us proud, Sinikiwe Nikki Kademaunga.

Let us end gender-based violence and that spurred against people with albinisim and other disabilities.

We love you all guys!!!

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