Archbishop Ezekiel Guti: Word For 2020

Baba Ezekiel Handiwangu Guti, founder of Z.A.O.G.A Forward In Faith and renowned father of Pentecostalism in Zimbabwe and beyond has spoken on the year 2020. 

Here are a few notes on what was recorded as he taught:

The Year 2020 is a different year... be strong. There are things I see in the spirit that I am not able to tell you... Be Strong In The Lord.

Make sure you have the right relationship with God.

Be strong in the Lord as never before.

The foundation of the year 2020 is love in the house of God. Like the early church let us pray commune and share food with one another.

I warn the new generation of leaders emerging to take over not to be consumed by glamour and red carpets. Have a heart for the people.

The love of God and love for one another is an enduring foundation. People stay in fellowship because of love.
Archbishop Ezekiel Handinawangu Guti And Bishop Eunor Guti

Be steadfast in the doctrine of the apostles just like the early church.

The core message of the early church was the resurrection.

Let us return to the original teachings of Christ..the love of God.
In every meeting, the Lord Jesus took note of the poor and hungry and He fed them with the Word and bread.

I heard the water talking.....One day the sun will be darkened....look at how one sun is the source of energy everywhere. Luke 21:25-26,34

As we move into 2020 be alert and be ready to be with the Lord.

Make sure your heart is clean in 2020, do not live in sin, fear Him. vs 34-36
NB: Make sure you have a sound relationship with God.

Value the fellowship of believers, walk in love and spend time with the saints listening to their stories.

The communion of the saints in the early church included sharing with one another food. Attend to the hunger of the saints, bring and share In fellowship meetings. Bring food to the House of the Lord. The Love Feast.

Wherever there is food remember there is an attraction of different do not be surprised.

2020 - The Love of God.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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