All Women Who Went Through 2019 Listen!

To every woman out there who…
Worked hard to sustain a family in 2019
Labored through thick and thin , whether it was convenient or not

Who wiped their  tears and pressed forward even when there were no words of appreciation or gratitude from where you expected.

Who distinguished themselves in their career

Who made a choice to discipline their appetite in order to set up a great future

Who stayed awake at night to ponder where the next meal was going to come from

Who raised an altar to position their children in great places in life
Who reached out and helped strangers

Who invested in the destiny of many whom they may never meet

Who stood as a support for the men whom God has given in their care

Who defied the odds against them and stood up again in spite of past humiliation and defeat

Who walked out of an abusive relationship and refused to conform to the norm, even in the face of being abandoned by many

Who decided to see good in her future when the society was trying to define you by your failures.

Who exposed wickedness in their society, churches and neighbourhood.

Who fought with all that they had to regain their lost and stolen identity.

To you, the woman who started 2019 with high hopes, met with many obstacles, pushed to the wall, with no visible options, but decided to climb over the obstacle

To you, my darling woman, whom the whole world expects so much from you that they have not given to you …..

Thank you for being AMAZING
Thank you for fighting through the storms of 2019
Thank you for not giving up on yourself in 2019
Thank you for pressing on and staying alive.
Thank you for giving yourself another chance to have a good go at life in 2020.

I celebrate you!!!!
I celebrate your strength!!!
I celebrate your tenacity!!!!
Without fail, in 2020, I will yet celebrate you again , and rejoice for how God has turned your story into the most beautiful work of display.

Please, feel free to tag a woman who deserves the accolades...I just did!

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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