Why They Go Back To Prison So Fast: Former Inmate Pastor Speaks

In my journey of life, l have had to serve a 1-year prison term.

Yes " l was in Prison"

I met genuine seekers of grace in there,l met the falsely accused and rightly accused all in there. What challenged me was that in my 1-year term l never saw any look of condemnation from the inmates.

On the contrary, l saw families and communities within the prison.

Written By Prophet Charles Kadhufa

It is true that every person will always find a group of people to belong to. Some we force them into the hands of those who will take them in. Some people in prison are totally thrown out by their families, they don't visit them, as they crave for attention,  and we are not there they get that affirmation and attention from hardened criminals.

They call them my family the are welcomed without condemnation and find comfort in the wrong hands.

On the other side, after they finish their term in prison so many dread facing the world out there, I saw some try to kill themselves after surviving 4-10 years in prison but would attempt to kill themselves because they were leaving what they called family and are going out to face an unforgiving world.
Why They Go Back To Prison So Fast: Former Inmate Pastor Speaks

 I saw people who left and came back after a month and they would come for silly offences, as I wondered at this I asked one prison officer about this happening.

His response was they all say "we are back home now" as they walk into the prison walls again. Now one wonders how can one then call this place home with all its evils.

I have come to understand their feeling the day I left prison, walking the streets and hearing whispers, coming across your own but they act like you are not there passing you by. When your friends only say " we are looking for you" just because they have met you among people and would want to make an impression. Some have come supposedly to see how l was doing to make a sermon and be the first to break the news about my state. If we can revisit the words" correctional place and not see prison we may have a changed heart.

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