Prison Series: "Pastor, I Poured Paraffin On Him And Burnt Him"

In my prison term, I became a celebrated pastor behind the walls because I spoke about real issues with them. Some began to open up and tell me what happens and how they feel about it all at the end. 

Before you sit on your judgment sit please hear this one. These men just came to me and told his story. " Pastor I am left with 1 year of my 5-year sentence am going home but I regret my action, though I am still battling with unforgiving thoughts.

One day I came from work early and found my wife pants down with my neighbour a police officer, enjoying sex. I could not believe my sight I just locked the door behind me and stood there for a moment.

By Prophet Charles Kadhufa
As if l was the one in violation officer charged against me and stated betting me up and said hauna kwauniwhina nyaya iyi. My wife just stood the speechless l escaped opened the door and ran into the kitchen took paraffin.
Prison Series: "Pastor, I Poured Paraffin On Him And Burnt Him"

I poured it on him and his clothing as he tried to stop me. Without remorse, l struck the matchstick setting him on fire. Fortunate for him he survived but had serious burns. This is why l am here pastor. I was angry and now am serving a prison term.

The wife has my two kids l will face her again coz of kids but am still battling within forgiveness. She came to ask me for forgiveness and l told her l have forgiven her and l want to restore our family, maybe was to busy to satisfy her and will try again. But l need help l am hurting inside."
Now you can put in your judge hat and Judge PRISONERS as you wish. But l will ask you what would you have done and how would you help men like him.

My dear brothers in ministry Pastors.

There remains another realm of ministry for us to engage in. That's the healing of a broken individual, family, community and a nation.

Anyone can find themselves in difficult situations like these men. Let love rule.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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