Elder Givemore Negomo Remembers Bishop Pride Sibiya: Read

I remember...

It's more than 20 years from back then, but l remember.
I remember the days of small beginnings.
I remember him in Zengeza High School uniform,
He was in Lower 6, l was in Form 4
I remember his love for the Lord.
I remember the day and all night prayers in Choto street, Zengeza.
Students from different schools would congregate there,
Zengeza High school fasting programs were conducted there.
God gave him the anointing to gather people at a young age.
I remember his closeness with Brother David
Bishop Apostle Pride Sibiya
The two were passionate about prophecy.
I remember the prayers at "Vietnam" at Zengez High School,
The trees were the library, studying was followed by prayer.
I remember praying there with Brothers David,  Innocent Motsi,  Godfrey Nhembo,  Tendai Chawatama, and  Canisio Manyuchi.
I remember the "Shepherd Stuff" that was torn when a demon manifested and grabbed it from the table, unfortunately, it wasn't mine.
I remember the first time he read Good Morning Holy Spirit
He spoke about it
At a prayer meeting in Choto, he created the desire for that fellowship with the Holy Spirit within us.
Good morning Holy Spirit brought him close to Br Charles Mazhombwe.
I remember him for his honesty and openness when we had TOV character analysis.
I remember his openness as he reported on a brother who was spreading wrong information about Trumpet Of Victory.
I remember the prayers we had in his room.
I remember my visit to Domboshava House Theological College,
He shared what was in his heart about education and ministry.
I remember him praying and fasting until it affected his stomach.
I remember him as a man who feared God,
A man who opened his parents' house so that others could develop a relationship with God,
A man who used his mother's resources to feed many as we were breaking our fast.
A man who encouraged us to honor our parents,
A man of faith.
A man who loved reading Christian literature.
He is not a man who appeared from nowhere, like the manna which the children of Israel just gathered in the morning, but lacked knowledge about its production.
He is a man with a history,
A man who has walked with God,
A man whom God has developed over the years
A man whom God is taking far in ministry,
A man who has been tried and tested and overcome,
A man with a God-given vision,
A man who hears from God and is directed by God,
A man working, not for his glory, but the Glory of God,
A man God has raised in our generation,
The Body of Christ in general and Glory Ministries in particular,
Are blessed to have such a man.
You are a blessing Apostle Pride Sibiya.

By Pastor Givemore Negomo
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