Must Read: Statements That Show Disloyalty In Ministry

It does not necessarily mean just a statement said means you are rebellious. Some of these statements may be true and factual, what counts is the spirit behind.

Here are some statements that need examination:

1. Some of us could have been head pastors, only we have decided to submit.
2. I would like you to pray with me about the way I am treated in this church
3. He(senior pastor) has left the original vision. He is no longer as powerful
4. I will never be transferred from my assembly, no not by anyone
5. Everyone is saying...everyone is complaining...
Bishop Apostle Pride Sibiya
6. You(pastor) must know that you are not always right
7. You are proud and hard to work with
8. There is a lot of fear in this church but, pastor, I want you to know I do not fear you.
9. You remind me of my father. He was so full of himself.
10. When he is away the church grows, many people come to church.

11. This yes sir, yes sir, cannot go forever
12. I do not see why everyone is making a big fuss about that breakaway pastor
13. That pastor is too expensive
14. You have no idea what people are saying about you
15. I admire your(outside pastor)style of leadership. Our pastor does not do it this way...

Again, these statements may be factual, the issue is which spirit is behind them and how they are spoken. Are they being spoken to better things or to induce rebellion?

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