Must Read: How To Become A Great And Loyal Assistant to Your Pastor

You can, as an assistant become a blessing to your leaders and senior pastor. According to Bishop D. H Mills this is how you can develop the culture of loyalty:

1. Make mention of your father in a positive light often.
2. Quote your head as much as possible. Have you ever heard how every Zaoga preacher talk abou baba Guti?
3. Genuinely admire your pastor and praise him.
4. Introduce him with excitement, making positive compliments about him and his ministry.
5. Announce his arrival with excitement.

6. Do not entertain unproductive talk and criticism of him
7. Give genuine excuses on behalf of him. Defend the anointing.
8. When he sends you where he was supposed to be, apologize, tell them he intended to come himself but could not coz of important reasons
9. Always remind people that he, not you, is the head and father of you and them.
10. Tell people who admire you where you got it
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11. When you minister tell people you are doing it on behalf of your father
12. Love and genuinely be happy with his promotion and prosperity.
13. Ensure all is well with your head
14. Be excited at the arrival and involvement of your head in any function.
15. Honor your pastor's spouse. Minister to them with gifts too.

16. Regard your association to him as a privilege, honor and a learning experience.
17. Acquire his messages
18. Refer to him as a good example.
19. Flow with decisions and policies of the head
20. Do not establish a private fellowship without the knowledge and approval of your pastor.

21. Organize pleasant surprises for the head
22. Accompany the head to where he gets transport when he is traveling.
23. In counseling, help appropriately not to contradict
24. Take notes as your pastor teaches
25. Personally, not just as a church, give him gifts.

26. Defend him from attacks, verbal or physical.
27. Know the head is human and capable of making mistakes
28. Give wise counsel not flattery lies
29. Be content to be an assistant, do not seek to overthrow your senior.
30...just be loyal, be a son, not a hireling!

Love you.

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