China Chevarume: Don't Just "Climb-Up" And "Down!"

MEN WHY MUST THIS HAPPEN? Most of us are leaving our God-given assignment undone and we blame women. I saw a headline that said, "Man catches wife on secret camera..."
When you finish your work well, which one will somebody else do? Let's tell one another the truth. So much is being said about women on what to do to get their husbands' attention. When they do all these, many just climb and come down not minding her feelings. The question is: did you satisfy her or you just raped her?

Please take your time to do a good job. A good turn they say deserves another. Remember all the work is yours she just came to help. As she is doing the help encourage, pet and appreciate her. Create time to massage her and listen to her talk whether meaningful or meaningless.
Idris Elba
I want fully agree that there is a one minute man, use all you have in your body to satisfy her before you ascend. Always remember to ask her if you did a good job. For a husband and wife, there is no "carnality" in the bedroom. Some may say what if she is not romantic? Then teach her.

Take time to explore her body to know her turn-on(s). Use your hands and tongue very well to make her feel like a woman that she is, in the morning she will greet you "good morning sir"
I pray that nobody will cultivate your land!
Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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