18+: Sister To Sister Talk: Sister Anne On Married Sex

Dear sisters Marital Sex is not a sin! Never Permit Your Husband To Sleep Around; He's Only Permitted To Sleep Around You! Never allow his secretary to take your position! Give him enough sex!
Dress seductively for your husband! If you are alone in the house put on skimpy dresses, sexy underwear; dress to kill him at home before a strange woman kills him outside!
Stop tying wrapper around your waist, it makes you look like a village woman! Dress up in front of him!
Seduce your man
Walk naked in front of him! Have you read that "They were naked and were not ashamed?" He is your husband for God's sake! Don't be ashamed to flirt with your husband!
Bath together! Eat together! Play together! Get involved in kissing, massaging, fondling!
Make it a habit to sleep without panties except during menstruation. Invite him for a sex-filled night! Tell him you will win him on the bed today! Make it a habit to communicate with him about your sex life!
Be creative! Do different styles that are convenient for both of you! It is not a sin! Appreciate him as you make love together, never keep quiet as if your mouth is padlock! Don't lie down like a block of deadwood and tell him to hurry up!
No man will love to have a"bedroom failure" as a wife! Enjoy your marriage.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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