15 Things A Man Should Never Believe About His Wife

Hello sir, I want to tell you things you must not believe about your wife. Yes, it is not 100% but you can trust this unless there is tangible evidence against it. Read it, sir.

1. Don't believe that your wife is a mistake in your life
2. Don't believe that you can go far in life by neglecting your wife
3. Don't believe that you can cheat on your wife and go scot-free.
4. Don't believe that you did your wife a favour by marrying her.
5. Don't believe that sex with your wife will destroy your anointing.
Apostle Pride and Pastor Anna Tendayi Sibiya
6. Don't believe that sex with another woman is better than sex with your wife.
7. Don't believe that your wife is your slave.
8. Don't believe that your wife's opinion does not count in your life and your family's success.
9. Don't believe that your wife knows nothing.
10. Don't believe that there is something in the body of another woman that is not in the body of your wife except you are looking for your early grave.

11. Don't believe your wife has all it takes to raise your children alone.
13. Don't believe that the best way to correct your wife is to beat her.
14. Don't believe that your wife is so strong that she does not need your help, attention, and affection.
15. Don't believe that God is not aware of how you are treating your wife. 

Thanks for reading. Please meditate on each point. 

You can share it till it gets to men everywhere.

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