Weaknesses Of Some "Modern" Men/Women Of God That Need Change

This touches all of US ALL mostly. Apostle, Prophet, Senior Pastor, Overseer, Bishop etc.

1. The greediness of money.
He / She takes all the money for personal use. Flamboyance. Whole tithe is squandered. He controls all the finances bulging his pocket suffocating the Church/ Ministry Account.
By Pastor N Chiwada

2. Fashion and Dressing.
He competes with world musicians. Flamboyance. Showy, not modest. Over-makeup, bleaching the natural skin. Hair styles are worldly made.

3. Pride
Do not want advice.
They are not advisable and have full of I know.   Proud of their gifts and think they know everything. Very immature and ignorant and shuns rebuke.
Bishop Apostle Pride Sibiya
4. Fake Miracles
They look for extra powers from the dark world to perform miracles. To gain Power and Authority. To gather more people for popularity.  They forge and pre-plan prophecies to suit their evil agendas within congregants.

5. Weak Marriages
Their marriages are not stable. They don't click with their wives. They don't love their wives. They ignore their families. They take love at Church but it's hell at home.  They beat their wives and do not take care of their CHILDREN. Their wives are left out in most church programs. Ashamed of their spouses.

6. Unbalanced gospel.
They teach mostly prosperity ONLY. No sin rebuking in their sermons. Sermons are full of empty promises and never convicting and making people to REPENT. All they want are the numbers of people. Not concerned with their souls at ALL.

7. Leading Abilities and skills.
Mediocre type of management mostly. They kill team spirit and cause divisions amoung leaders by teaming mostly with the finance team only in order to embezzle Church funds.

8. Crooked in their Dealings.  They cheat and lie in their business deals. Not honest.

9. People come and go often.
The church has new people every Sunday. They don't stay for 3 months. Leadership is always changed and leaders do not stay. New leadership team always.
10. Plans Alone.

He plans alone. Never consult other leaders except for his inner close team. Not transparent. Positions are just titles without powers to execute duties.  He doesn't delegate.  He preaches , prophecies every service making other servants of God idol and spectators ONLY.

11. Illicit sexual relationships
Adultery and Fornication are rampant.  Hugging and romancing women and ladies. Numerous sexual scandals within the Church. Daughtering every girl enticingly romantically and seducingly.  Lusting after every woman in the Church. Thus making appointments deceivingly in the name of prophesying and helping. Proposing to ladies and married women. Sending nude pictures to ladies. Book lodges for adultery and their cars are adultery grounds.

12. Anger and Cursing
No humility. Very cruel and use their powers to curse and kill anyone whom they think is going against them. Or who stop coming to their CHURCH.  They gossip and even pray against you cursing innocent souls.
13. Diversion from Original calling.

Most cannot repent now.  They will continue doing MIRACLES to attract people ONLY but they have since diverted and lost correct people send by God to raise the Ministry.

The solution to the above:
Total and complete repentance in every area of your weakness. Otherwise, you will go to hell on the last day despite your popularity. May the Holyspirit help us all.

Thank you all.

Pst N Chiwada.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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