The Woman: A Very Fertile Ground!

The lady is a fertile field. Her tender heart is softly turned soil that awaits the seed. She carries the potential of massive reproduction. 

Her mind is the incubator of dreams and her womb of greatness. She is irritated when in love and dehydrated when hurt. She is enriched by those who love her and stripped by those who abuse her.

Those whom she touches will dine on her harvest. She will be the end of someone's famine. She is a garden. She is the place where hunger is sated. She is the place where hungers will be quenched. She is the place where rich soil will produce fertile food and lives are richer because of her.

She is a garden. She is the focal point of those who love her and the absolute envy of those who don't. Yes, the lady is a garden of love and a field of potential, and it is a field that is to be carefully planted. She is as vulnerable as freshly turned soil. She is a field open and exposed.
The Woman: A Very Fertile Ground!

To the lady, I warn, "be careful what you grow in your garden." Or better still, be careful whom u let to sow in your field. There are some things that you will not want to be seeded into your heart and life, things that will grow into your personality and corrupt the integrity of your intended purpose. Have you ever seen a part of your personality get choked by the weeds of bad experiences?

And asked yourself; how in the world did l get into this situation?

As for the man understand me she is a garden fence her with happiness, her doubts and fears are like weeds, take care of them. Constantly water her remember she is a garden work hard on her and what you plant is what you enjoy. Yeah, it's all about the choices that we make!


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