Sex, The Great Builder Of Marriages,Great Destroyer Of Relationships

My ministry aims at teaching people about relationships, addressing issues that the church seems to have abandoned. These issues are destroying many people.

Sex is like a glue that can bring a special bond between married couples and husbands and wives should create an atmosphere of romance the moment they enter their bedroom.

Sex was designed by God and there is nothing wrong with it but sex is a tool that has great side effects if not used properly.
Depressed Woman
It destroys relationships and brings a lot of consequences like destroying your own soul and distancing you from God, soul ties, heartbreaks, unwanted babies and it clouds your thinking process. I know we are humans and it may be hard to stop it but I want to give you a piece of advice.

1. Discuss and agree with your partner about honouring God and choose to abstain.
2. Avoid going to places that trigger you into sex and this can be his house, friend's house.
3. Get some days to pray and fast to crucify the flesh and its desires.
4. Try and find someone to be accountable to and get spiritual help and guidance.
5) Avoid sending each other nude pics or things that trigger your sexual feelings.
6. Get active in church and build your faith. Has this been helpful?

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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