Powerful Note On Overcoming Spiritual Husbands, Wives

The devil does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly. John 10:10

A man started a drama on his wedding day. As he put his suit, he removed it, he put it on again and removed it, and as he continued this way, his best man asked him if there was anything wrong. His reply was that he did not feel like going to the wedding again.

His reason was that he had a spirit wife. Eventually, he removed the suit and went to play table tennis while the bride was waiting for him in church.

A spirit spouse is a demon that claims marital ownership over its victim.

Written By Pastor Samuel Olagbenjo

My pastor friend told me about an incident that happened in a church wedding he was invited to. The bride ran mad while she was dancing on her wedding day. A serious prayer session was conducted for her before she came to her senses. It was then discovered that a spirit husband had vowed to disgrace her if she attempted to get married.

Spirit husbands and wives are major reasons why many matured singles are still finding it difficult to get life partners or married. Unfortunately most singles are still ignorant of the menace of these devilish creatures.

Effects of Spirit Spouses:

  • They can make you hate the opposite sex.
  • They make many beautiful ladies look ugly to those interested in marrying them.
  • Aversion for marriage.
  • Constantly broken courtships.
  • They can make some men fidgety when proposing to ladies thus, making them perpetual bachelors.
  • They can also cause bad marriage, miscarriages, and barrenness.
  • Nightmares and sexual intercourse in the dream are also carried out by them.
  • Hatred of one’s spouse is often caused by them.
  • Desire to sleep with another person aside from one’s spouse can be traced to them.

Spirit spouses are extremely envious and see their victims as covenant spouses. So those who come near them for marriage will be in trouble.

They have destroyed the joy, peace, and love of many marriages. These evil spirits have sex with their victims in the dream. They can cause late marriages and also prevent their victims from ever getting married. They can cause miscarriages, fibroids or stillbirths. They can cause the death of their victims during childbirth. They can wreck marriages and influence divorce.
Powerful Note On Overcoming Spiritual Husbands, Wives
Powerful Note On Overcoming Spiritual Husbands, Wives
Only the power of Jesus can destroy their power in one's life. Anyone who needs deliverance over a spirit spouse must be born again because every true believer has total dominion over demons as long as he walks in obedience to God’s Word.

A sister danced amazingly on her wedding day that her wedding gown nearly got torn.

Everybody was surprised. It was later she made it clear that anytime she wanted to get married that a spirit spouse would show up in the dream and terrible eczema and pimples would bombard her face. This made most men run away from her. Those who persisted died. Three men who were bent on marrying her despite eczema and pimples died mysteriously. This made people nickname her “Sister Death Sentence.”

Jesus can set you free too! A spirit husband or wife is just like an insect that you can kill with your hands if you are connected to God through the salvation experience.

If you discover that you have a spirit spouse, surrender your life to Christ and cast it out of your life in Jesus' name.

If you desire a marriage without sorrow, don’t go into marriage until you have been delivered of the spirit spouse in the name of Jesus.

I decree, Your years of delay & tears is finally over in Jesus Name!

Prayer Points To Destroy Every covenant of spirit spouse

From henceforth let no man trouble me: for I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus. Gal 6:17

For with God nothing shall be impossible. Luke 1:37

2. Go into 7 days fasting and prayers and 7days’vigil{praying from 12 midnight to 3am}

2. Praise God for 30 minutes or more than that.

3. Ask God for His mercies and destroy every spiritual bond and influence of demonic origins in your life.

4. Let every satanic wedding ring be roasted by fire in Jesus name

5. I divorce myself from any satanic marriage with spirit spouse, marine spirit, a forest spirit, or any demon possessing me in Jesus' name.

6. Every demonic deposit and attachment in my life by spirit spouse be consumed by fire in Jesus' name.

7. I lose myself from every covenant between me and spirit spouse. I command you to leave my life right now in Jesus' name.

8. I break the yoke of any evil spirit having access to any organ in my body in Jesus name

9. The monitoring cameras of spirit spouse used against my marriage be destroyed by fire in Jesus name

10. I break every covenant and curse working against me In Jesus name

11. I bind all the spirit attached or connected with those covenants and curses I have just broken in Jesus' name.

12. I destroy every spiritual marriage certificate signed in the spirit.

Written By Pastor Samuel Olagbenjo

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