Must Read: Overcoming The Ngozi (Avenging) Spirits

Title: Overcoming The Avenging Spirit By Bishop, Apostle Pride Sibiya
Scripture: Genesis 4:6-11

An avenging spirit comes when one is killed whether in your family or out. The avenging spirit must let you go! (Please read the full article and also watch the videos by the same title on the Glory Ministries YouTube page.

I once became mad because of the avenging spirit, when one of our relatives killed someone. Some of the problems you are facing are not there because you sinned but rather if one kills and you carry the same blood the avenging spirit will follow the blood.

Cain was a farmer and he tilled the ground. After he had harvested he brought things to the altar of God. His brother was a shepherd and he also brought his offering. Cain's offering was rejected whilst Abel's offering was accepted because he offered the blood and he gave in faith. When you have faith you are able to please God.

Because Cain's offering was rejected and Abel's accepted, Cain became jealous. The avenging spirit came when Cain was jealous of Abel, be careful of what you contemplate in your heart. The jealous in your heart will cause you to sin. God gave Cain a warning instructing him to check his heart because out of his jealous came the thought of killing. And so Cain invited Abel to his farm, attacked and killed him. The innocent brother was killed in secret but his blood began to speak.

There is power in the blood and when it speaks God hears.

I was once in bondage and as I was so my mother used to take me to traditional healers until she brought one of them to our house to become a personal healer, this was all to no avail. As I continued in bondage God began to teach me deliverance. God had a plan for your Deliverance long before you were born.
Overcoming The Ngozi (Avenging) Spirits

The blood of the young brother began to cry before God. The blood has a system of speaking and communicating with God. God heard the voice of the blood crying in the ground which brought living to Cain.

There are three things that happened to Cain because he killed his brother and these are:

1. He was cursed: When someone is killed in a family that family is cursed. a curse is the opposite of a blessing. The blessing is empowerment, anointing, wisdom and grace to prosper. Working is good but without a blessing you won't prosper. A curse is the power, anointing and grace for you to fail. It is a word spoken upon your life which is negative. He was imparted with an antiprogress spirit. In most cases if there is an avenging spirit in a family everything becomes dead there is no progress.

2. The ground was hardened: Cain was a farmer. Some people suffer so much because the avenging spirit speaks to the ground and the ground will not yield it's fruits to you. Almost every resource that we have and use comes from the ground. Minerals they come from the ground. Money comes from the ground and when an avenging spirit is following you it's will be hard for you to get money because it is a product of the ground.

3. He became a vigour bond: When an avenging spirit is following you, you will never be established.

Biblical solutions to a person being followed by avenging spirits:

1. When you kill someone in the Bible there was a city called the city of refugee. And upon reaching that city you meet a priest and confess your sins to that priest. When you enetr into that city you become free as long as you are in that city. If you exist in that city you will be killed. To us, we were given the image of Jesus which is the church of God. The moment you come to church the devil has no power over you, but when you quit you become vulnerable to the devil.

2. If the city of refugee was far away, you would run to the Temple and touch the horns on the altar. The priest in the Temple will then take you to the city of refugee. Even when you kill God always says come let us reason together and is willing to rescue you from every avenging spirit.

The reason why avenging spirits are following you:

1.  The avenging spirit follows the blood and you have the blood of your ancestors flowing in your veins.
2. When your ancestors killed a person you were together in agreement in their lions.
3. When one kills then finds someone to carry the guilt for him. A person who does not live by the grace of God lives by the grace of the devil. If you forsake God you become vulnerable to the devil.


Jesus Christ forgive me of all that I did. I confess my sins and those of my fathers to the third and fourth generation, what they did that is troubling me now. I speak the blood of Jesus that speaks better things. Forgive me for allowing these spirit to come through my sins, witcraft, unholy covenants, occultic involvement, lust and many other sins I committed. Right now as a son of God I clothe myself with the whole armour of God. I declare that no evil spirit has power over my life. I fight against every evil spirit, I destroy covenants that were made against my life. Spiritual wedding, the avenging spirit that made me a wife or husband and every marine spirit. I go back to the day I was bewitched, where my name was placed, that day, month and all that was there. I speak the fire of God. I destroy everything, In the name of Jesus!
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