MUST READ: Bishop Sibiya Explains Why People Who Are Deeply In Love Divorce.

...And they lived happily-ever-after! What a fairy-tale dream that never least if an effort is not put to it!

Many people get into marriage with the notion that we will have a great marriage because we love one another. True and false! Bishop Sibiya what are you saying? I am saying, true because the basis of marriage is love. You cannot live forever with someone you don't love. However love is just that, the basic!
Marriage is never a success just because of just love. While love is key it has its own limitations. I will give you a few here:

  1. Love cannot buy food
  2. Loving someone does not mean being able to show them that you love them
  3. Love does not mean you are a good communicator
  4. Love does not translate to great sex!
Listen to me children of God, people do not divorce because they hate one another, NO! They divorce because THEY ARE INCOMPATIBLE! You love the person but: they cheat, we are not friends, lie, they are lazy, they beat you up, are poor communicators, the sex is terrible, they are too possessive and jealousy, they are...add short they are INCOMPATIBLE!

Listen to the Bishop: from today start by getting Pre-Marital Counseling (though you are already married) to help you become compatible and do away with the long love. Love is important but many people in love are queuing at the courts to divorce. Ask for an appointment! Attend a marriage school/seminar! Driving a marriage is just like flying a plane, you need training either way!

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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