Misconceptions Of Love: Read This!

Can we talk about the misconception about love which is the root of many collapsed marriages today.?

When you fall in love just know that soon or later you will fall out of love. Yes, I said it. Falling in love is sex-linked erotic feeling, a trick that your hormones are pulling on you that is not real love...its an illusion.

Just like a two-child who feels itself to be king of the family with world power because he is been babied..when reality hit him, like the arrival of another baby that fantasy will disappear...this is just the say thing falling in love does to you...The misconception about love is the cause of many collapsed marriage today..falling in love is an illusion that has trapped many into marriage wrongly and they now resort to rampant infidelity.

Real love is built on good virtue and quality friendship, love go hand in hand with discipline,
Undiscipline person cannot love. You can not hurt or neglect someone you love. Real love will give you peace and tranquillity of mind.its makes you feel comfortable and proud of yourself..real love allows the individuality and self-identity in you to flow along.

 It will take only matured minds to understand this. See, love is not always this Alice in Wonderland kind of story we hear always. The honeymoon does end, the bloom of romance always fade away.
Falling in love is a feeling and feeling are Frickel and they do pass away. But the true and real love last forever. Just like the love parents share with their children.

When the reality of life intrudes, in response to the problem of daily living, when that fantasy you have in your head about love disappears, and individuality takes place.
Misconceptions Of Love: Read This!

Then boo will want to have sex, bae doesn't want to have sex, she wants to go to the movie, he doesn't want, she wants to talk, he doesn't want to talk. she doesn't like his friend he doesn't like her friends,...that when real love shows. Then the relationship will be sustained With those good virtues and quality relationships which love is built on. And those with hormone-induced love will fall apart.

 believe me, the absence of these lovely-dovy attitudes does not mean we stop loving each other.for those that have real love. We can love each other with our individuality and self-identity.

That's what justifies the fact that we don't fall in love with our children, yet they are the ones we love so deeply.
We don't fall in love with our friends of the same sex and we still love them.
We don't fall in love with our sibling yet we can kill for their sake.
We don't fall in love with our pets at home we love and care for them anyway.
Real love to me does not have its root in feeling.
Sometimes I wish there is another English name for love

Don't judge love with fickle feelings that goes away.
That same feeling you based love in is that same thing as a prostitute man and a prostitute woman, who hook up for transactional sex. They do catch  feelings for each other even when both of them knows its  pure  transaction

Most times they want to see each other frequently, at the moment of climax, you will hear them scream oh I love you. I love you. To a prostitute that you may not feel anything for after the moment.

Ribexy X Chilaz
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