Every Lady Must Hear This: Lorraine Y Guyo Speaks


Ladies, we got some issues. From minor to major we are high maintenance. I pray for our husbands,  sons, and brothers because they have to deal with this every day.

Skin too dark, skin too light.
Too flat,  too curvy
Hair too nappy,  hair too fine.
Booty too small,  breast too big.
We have relationship issues.
I am too single am too lonely.
I don't feel like talking, I will call later
My uncle raped me, my father wasn't there.
My siblings hate me.
My period is taking time.
I have period pains.
My mother-in-law hates me.
I want a child.
My husband beats me, my husband is a bully.

The woman with the issue of blood in the Bible had 12 years let alone some of us can't handle our situations for 12 mins. I just want to tell you to press your faith like the woman from the Bible.
Touch the heart of God with your faith.
Every Lady Must Hear This: Lorraine Y Guyo Speaks

God my heart is broken but hear my prayer. There are things that family,  boyfriend, sex, friends cannot change. You might be sick of the church but raise your faith, He has a room for your issues.
There is a faith that will shift your situation. I don't know who wants to hear this but put your issues to God. Dear ladies Love you all.
Written By Lorraine Y Guyo
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