Do You Still Remember Our Old Love Letters?

Matika Primary School
Dora Mutare

12 July 1988

Dear Sweetie only Sweetened chocolate found in Manicaland in Dora Estate, Sabhuku Mundembe, and Chief Zimunya.

Kiss this envelope 1000 times before you open.
Tea needs sugar
Bees need honey
And I need you.
Golden Oldies
To Amicable, my tropical rainforest.

First and foremost, I want to give my Eversharp 15M a big hug for its opportunity to vomit on this piece of paper.

Having got this glorious opportunity, I would like to say how are you chewing the flames of master life?

At this juncture, I have briefly stopped reading my books just to tell you how much you make my heart jump Mount Everest. I love you more than 100 percent sweetheart.

You are the chocolate that has chocolated all the chocolates in the world babe. I love you like clouds love the sky babe.

Babe, I didn't know that angels could fly so low. You are my angel. You are so beautiful like the Pythagoras theorem. ( Me squared x You squared = Love)

When I saw you, my heart ran to the sun and came back. Babe, was your father a carpenter? Because you were made so beautiful. Our love is so good as the electric train that produces no smoke. You were created in God's off day when he had time and energy from heated atoms. You are the sherbet of my heart.

Anyway, I need to pen off now.
Special dedication songs;
1. PJ powers
2. Wedding Day - Brenda Fasie
3. Hinde Moni - Kanda Bongo Man
4. Chitekete - Leonard Dembo
5. Dolly Parton

Your everloving

Mudiwa WepaMoyo

Reply soon

Kwete zvenyu vana vemazuvano munongotaura zvekuti pamamonya ipapo. We used to elaborate our love with mathematical similes.

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