5 Signs That You Are A People-Pleaser

You might have met several persons with weird characters in your life. Some people have mastered the art of pleasing others at the expense of their happiness. 

Have you ever wondered what such people stand to gain life? Well, at times it is good to be real. Here are five signs you are a people-pleaser

1. You pretend to agree with everyone around you: In real life, you cannot agree with everything people say in life. If you notice you are agreeing with every idea then something is wrong somewhere. A real person has his or her thoughts about different subjects. Never shy to express your thoughts.
5 Signs That You Are A People-Pleaser

2. You are always apologizing: Are you the kind of person who says sorry for everything? These individuals are always apologetic. They say sorry even when they are not on the wrong. They are also known to seek validation from others.

3. You behave like the people around you: People-pleasers often act like those around them. They change their character to look relevant in every situation. Their life is full of lies.

4. You never say no: Have you ever come across someone who never says no? Do you always agree with what other people tell you? Do not be the kind of person who cannot say no under all circumstances. It is evident that you are not being yourself if you are always agreeing with the thoughts of other persons in your life.

5. You take the burden of things that do not concern you: Somethings are not worth your time. There is no need to get engaged in things that do not concern you. Why should you carry other people’s burdens in life? Never waste time pleasing other people and suffering for no good course.

People-pleasers often act like those around them.

Source: awmagazine.org

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