MUST READ: Men's Bedroom Manual To Satisfy Their Wives (Part 5)

Increase Arousal: When your woman is sexually aroused, you will notice changes to the shape of her breasts as they begin to swell; the areola darkens and the nipples become erect.

Licking and trailing your tongue around the areola at this point will be highly exciting to her, increasing her eager anticipation as your lips move closer to her nipple.

Chest Massage: Many men love to have their nipples kissed, licked and stroked during foreplay.

In some men, just as in women, the nipples will also become erect when they are sexually aroused.

Stroking, kissing and massaging his chest can help him contact his more emotional and vulnerable feelings as well as increasing his whole-body sensuality.

Peaks of Pleasure: When sexually excited, the nipples seem magically connected to her whole nervous system, sending waves of pleasure down through her body to her genitals.

Kissing, licking, sucking and flicking your tongue over the nipple will bring her to a peak of arousal.

Pay loving attention to both breasts, moving from one to the other, and tell her how beautiful and special they are to you.

Basic Techniques:

Warm and Welcoming: The soft roundness of her belly will welcome your loving kisses as your lips move down her body.

This vulnerable area needs your attention so it can become charged with sexual energy.

Kiss it tenderly all over, run your tongue teasingly around the navel, and warm the skin with your breath.

Work slowly down to her pubic area. Stroking and rubbing her mons with your fingers and tugging gently on the pubic hair will enhance clitoral stimulation.

Kissing along her groin can also produce wonderful sensations.

Guiding Hand: Ask your man to show you exactly how he likes his penis to be touched.

Stroking, rubbing and kissing his penis is all part of your sensual play.

Being comfortable about touching this important part of his body will enhance your mutual satisfaction in lovemaking.

Understanding Each Other: Even in close relationships, both men and women can be remarkably shy about discussing their sexual needs with each other, including what turns them on and what turns them off.

This is partly because the sexual ego is very fragile and it is easy to feel rejected or to take any comments, other than highly positive ones, as criticism.

Talking about sexual issues requires delicate negotiation, being able to choose the right moment, a willingness on both sides to experiment and explore new methods, and a readiness to change old patterns.

The latter can be particularly difficult if your methods have worked perfectly well on previous occasions or with another partner.

However, by not disclosing your sexual needs and preferences, there is a danger that you may become resentful and gradually withhold your sexuality altogether from your partner, or deaden your sensory responses so that your sexual life becomes more of a functional duty rather than a joyful celebration of your relationship.

Sexuality should not be imposed on the other person regardless of how he or she may feel. Much of the pleasure can be in the mutual exploration of each other’s bodily responses.

It is a two-way interaction, involving many subtle nuances and variations. You can jangle along together, or you can compose a symphony of love, touch, sensuality and eroticism which will always hit the right note, depending on your changing needs and moods.

How most men and women touch and want to be touched in their most erotically charged areas - the penis and clitoris - reveals quite opposite male and female needs.

A man will often long to receive firmer touches to his penis during manual stimulation, while a woman generally prefers a more subtle approach to the stimulation of her clitoris, usually after she has become aroused.

You can help each other by showing exactly how you like to be touched.

The G-Spot: We now know that the clitoris is the most erotically sensitive part of a woman’s body and that it plays a fundamental part in her orgasmic process.

However, in recent years there has been much debate about the woman’s G-spot, so called after its discovery by the German gynaecologist Ernst Grafenberg.

Pressure on the G-spot, which is a complex of nerve endings located on the front wall of the vagina, is said to induce a particularly intense form of vaginal orgasm.

Grafenberg’s studies went even further, stating that when the G-spot is adequately stimulated the urethra ejaculates a clear fluid which has “no urinary character”.

This exciting discovery has been refuted by other doctors and scientists, who continue to believe that the fluid is indistinguishable from urine.

Locating the G-spot: You can gently probe your own vagina, to see if your finger pressure can find the magic spot, or you can ask your partner to do it for you.

The G-spot is said to be located on the front wall of the vagina 5-7. 5cm/ 2-3in from the vaginal entrance.

Stimulating the G-spot: The G-spot can be stimulated by lovemaking positions in which the man's penis rubs against the front wall of the vagina[Missionary position], provided he can maintain this action for some time. In this position, the woman leans back to allow the penis to press firmly against her G-spot.

Also, deny the existence of the woman’s G-spot. However, there is evidence to suggest that, in some women at least, this orgasm triggering nerve bundle really does exist. It is definitely worth exploring.

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