MUST READ: Men's Bedroom Manual To Satisfy Their Wives (Part 4)

Stoking the Fires: A Sensual play includes all forms of touch, such as stroking, caressing and holding, or oral contact, such as kissing, nibbling, sucking and licking.

It can involve every part of the body. Sucking on his fingertips or rolling your tongue around them will certainly fire up his imagination.

Fun and Foreplay: Humour is an important part of foreplay. It takes away the seriousness of performance-related sex and helps you both unwind and relax so your bodies feel completely at ease with each other.

Play fighting, gentle bites, giggling, making sounds, rolling on the bed together can all be part of the fun.

Sensual Play.

Touching the Whole Person.

There are no rules to sexuality except what feels good or right to the people involved.

There are times when the passion is high and the “quickie” way of having sex is exciting and welcome to both parties.

More often, though, extended loving foreplay is important to a sexual relationship, because it enhances the emotional bond, and helps the man and woman become sufficiently aroused so that the ensuing lovemaking is compatible and deeply satisfying to both people.
This is particularly important for a woman, who needs more time than a man to become sexually aroused, and whose sexual responses are heightened when she feels emotionally and physically cherished.

Also, a woman’s whole body is erotically sensitive to loving touches, not just the most obvious erogenous zones, such as her genitals and breasts.

[Take note: It would be a great mistake, though, to believe that foreplay is primarily a “woman’s thing”, and that it is something a man should learn to do just to satisfy his partner and be deemed a good lover.

Men are sensual beings too, and can also enjoy full body stimulation, loving and playful strokes, kissing, licking and all kinds of erotic tactile contact.

A man who is relaxed in his sexuality will enjoy extended foreplay for its own sake, for his pleasure as well as his partner’s.

It will help him to be less genitally orientated so that he can feel all kinds of wonderful sensations throughout his body.

He is then more emotionally in tune with his partner.

If he relaxes into full-body sensuality, a man can be more spontaneous and less programmed to performance.

He will be less anxious about all the sexual pressures to which men are invariably subjected, such as perform- ing well, maintaining an erection, fear of premature ejaculation, fear of emotional vulnerability, concern about whether his woman will have an orgasm before he ejaculates, and so on.]

Sensual play will be an emotionally nourishing experience for him too.

Text-book lovers, male or female, may achieve the sexual responses they seek from their lover, but the partner will know that the touches and techniques are more mechanical than loving, and geared to an ulterior motive.

He or she may feel personally abandoned or used, even while being turned on.
Most women dislike the experience of having a man zone in on their breasts or clitoris, and having them rubbed or stimulated purely to achieve sexual stimulation.

Similarly, a sensual man may not be keen on having a woman grab for his crotch as a way of achieving an instant turn-on.

Bodies are not separate from the feelings of the person within them. They are not machines to be geared to results, regardless of their intrinsic emotional and subtle responses.

Sensual play gives time for both men and women to warm up and tune in to each other, on both somatic and psychic levels.

Tools of Arousal: Any part of the body can become a sensual tool in foreplay.

The sweep of your hair, the soft brush of your nipples and breasts against his body, or the warmth of your breath on his skin will be extremely arousing to him.

Trailing your fingertips or nails lightly over his skin will heighten its sensitivity.

Try to involve your whole body in sensual play, so that even while kissing one part of his body, you are aware of the impact of your thighs, belly, and pubic area as they press gently against him.
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