Mark And Patronise Your Territory: Request Machimbira

Our cars were parked side by side. We spent 3 hours in my car chatting and snacking. It was after a typical Monday in office and we wanted to catch up and update each other of the hustles of the day. 

Most importantly, we were mapping our upcoming wedding in April of the following year. Before we knew it, we had spent 3hours in my car.

Extract from EXPLOITS DNA published by Request Machimbira

After praying together, kissed her goodbye and l escorted her to her car. As l got into my car, I discovered that she had left her chiffon on the front seat. I lowered my window, signalled her to open hers too and I said; "Bae wasiya chiffon yako". I lifted it and I saw her shaking her head.

It was like disapproval. She got out of her car and came to my window and l repeated "You forgot your chiffon sweetheart".

"No l did not forget it," she chuckled. "I am marking my territory. Drive home safely Gono".

"Naughty you", l responded smiling and reversed my car from the parking lot and drove home. As l was driving home, l reminisced the time that we had spent together during the previous weekend. We had literally spent the whole day together, shopping for a wedding venue and later watching some movies at home.

I suddenly remembered that the whole territory had been marked. She had left some peach stuff in the bathroom and a navy blue event dress in the bedroom. She meant business. It was a delimitation exercise. She had marked her constituency without apology.

What a Business lesson from sweetheart. Suddenly, I remembered a business trip l once made to Antelope Park, a leading international resort in Gweru, Zimbabwe. I had gone to make a presentation at the HR METRICS CONFERENCE.
Mark And Patronise Your Territory: Request Machimbira
It was a windy November night and the place looked lonely. I was allocated a tent to sleep alongside the river bank. I felt too scared to sleep in the tent on that windy night. My fear got worse at dawn. I heard thunderous roars of lions. It felt like they were coming for me, lonely in my tent.

During breakfast time, l narrated my dawn fears to a Tour Guide. He took me through the following jungle strategies:

Lions mark their territory by roaring and scent making. Male lions proclaim their presence by urinating on bushes, trees or simply on the ground, leaving a scent and in the process marking their territory.

The two experiences, from sweetheart and from lions, are pregnant with marketplace lessons. I shall proceed to summarize them as follows;
1. A territory is a source of food, shelter and raising a family. In business, your first struggle should not be about making money, but owning a territory (market).

2. Marking territory is a bold move. Announce your presence without apology. Let your roar be louder or let your chiffon be very visible. Leave it at the front seat. Most business people are too polite for market dominance. The marketplace is not for Priests.

3. Marking territory is not just noise making. Noise making is for little puppies or Touts. Leave your unique scent. Make yourself distinct. Communicate and demonstrate your value, your Unique Value Proposition (UVP).

4. Make your roar at dawn. Declare your intentions early. Don't be the snail or tortoise of the marketplace. Declare your intention early and be consistent at it. Roar at dawn, every dawn.

5. Mark every corner of your territory. From the car, bathroom, and bedroom. Leave your mark in every part of your territory. Be visible and be identifiable. Amplify your share of presence in the customer's mind.

In summary, mark and patronize your territory with an apology.

This passage is an extract from the book, EXPLOITS DNA, published by Request Machimbira, a leading multi-award winning Business and Leadership Coach.

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