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GOD does not know a church started from splitting other churches. YOU CAN NEVER PRESENT OR DEDICATE A STOLEN SHEEP to God. 

SHEEP THIEVING is a sin that David committed. GOD watches when you steal sheep. HE CALCULATES his sheep from all churches. He knows his TRUE shepherds.
Apostle Pride Sibiya
LEARN TO GO ON THE STREET, HOMES, House-To-house and preach to raw unsaved people (sinners). THAT IS HOW SOULS are won. THIEVING IS SIN. YOU SHOULD NEVER BREAK A CHURCH (Jesus' wife) to start another. YOU will account on the day of judgment. WHAT are you going to tell Jesus Christ for breaking HIS churches? Have a godly fear in you. FEAR GOD.

There ARE millions of unsaved sinners, reach them, preach to them, get them repenting, get them saved and baptized. THAT IS BEING A MAJOR PROPHET. Not a major thief! READ THE BOOK OF REVELATION, thieves will never enter heaven or the holy city of God.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.
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