5 Signs You Have Found Your Woman For Life

The woman you marry should enrich your life by making you happy and motivating you to achieve your goals.

Here are five signs you have found the woman you should marry.

1. She makes you happy: Happiness or rather peace is the basis of every love relationship or marriage. If the woman you are currently seeing puts a smile on your face then you should not hesitate to marry her.

2. You really want to be with her: She gives you that deep feeling of wanting to be with her always. Being around her never gets old for you and you always wish that she be next to you.
Beautiful African Lady
3. She supports your dreams: She is not a woman who uses your money without any thoughts of the future. If she supports your dreams and makes an effort to help you achieve them in any way she can, then she is good for you.

4. You can tell her anything: There’s nothing you ever feel like you want to hide from her. When this happens, it means you are free to share anything with her.

5. She is emotionally consistent: You can trust her with your feelings when she is emotionally consistent. She shouldn’t be moody such that you can’t predict her next mood. She should be honest about her feelings for you.

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