3 Things Women Secretly Desire From Men In Bed

As a man, one of the things that will keep your relationship interesting with your woman is how good sex is and how much she enjoys it with you. 

Unfortunately, a lot of women are not enjoying sex and lovemaking with their men because of what is called “A Poor Sex Life”.

What Do I mean by a Poor Sex Life? It is when couples do not have regular sex ... when sex is looked at as a chore rather than a deep intimacy. It is when a man is suffering from issues such as weak erection, quick ejaculation, lack of knowledge of how to pleasure a woman and inability to go more than one round.

It is when the woman does not enjoy lovemaking because it does not lead to an intense, relaxing orgasm for her.

Women actually enjoy sex a lot. Your woman may not talk a lot about how much she enjoys it because she doesn’t want you to think she likes sex too much.

She is not talking about it because society calls women who like sex too much “nymphomaniac”.
But the truth is, deep within her, she loves the feeling of a big, fat rock hard penis exploring deep inside her.

There are some crazy things she expects you to do to her in bed to give her amazing intense orgasm:

1. She Wants You To Last Longer In Bed: When you are making love with your woman, she wants you to have a strong erection like a rock and stay hard long enough for her to orgasm.
Sexual unsatisfaction
Women hate it when a man has a weak erection and get soft in bed as soon as you penetrate her.

They even hate it more if you shoot your load too quick because you are unable to handle the pleasure you are experiencing when penetrating her. If you really want to drive your woman wild in bed, you need a minimum of 30 minutes of a strong sustained erection that will make her have multiple orgasms.

Unfortunately, a lot of men these days are unable to last long in bed. Many of them even ejaculate too quickly thereby leaving their woman frustrated. Luckily, there is a natural food supplement that can help you overcome weak erection and premature ejaculation that you can take.

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2. She Wants You To Give Her Lots Of Foreplay: A lot of men don’t know how to touch, stimulate, build the sensation in their woman. instead, they rush and just want to enter her.

The whole sex routine of many men is something like this:

– Fondle her breasts for like a minute
– Insert his penis and ejaculate within 2 minutes

If your whole sex routine is like what I have explained above, you need to learn exactly how to pleasure your woman better.

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As the man, you should be able to seduce her, help her relax in bed, educate her, get her excited and ultimately satisfy her.

If you don’t do that, she will start looking out for another person who can give her a deeply satisfying sex that she is not getting at home.

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3. She Wants You To Make Her Orgasm: If you have sex with a woman multiple times, and you are unable to make her have an intense orgasm, she will stop having sex with you.

Even when you prompt her to have sex with you, she will turn you down.
If you are able to persuade her, maybe because she is married to you or committed to you and she feels obliged, she will just lie in bed and “let you do it” without her participating.

A lot of men complain that their woman is boring in bed these days.

Of course, she will be boring, if time and time again, you don’t give her an earth-shattering orgasm like in the picture below:

To give her orgasm, you need a couple of things ...

You must be extremely skilled in the art of touching her in places that will make her lost in intense pleasure and build her excitement to orgasm.

You need a STRONG hard erection that lasts long in bed. If your erection is weak and you cum too quickly, then she won’t even feel your massive impact on her.

Luckily, there is a way that you can use to build your erection and last longer in bed.

You can do this by learning to exercise your penile muscles, going on a healthy diet and also using natural supplements.

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