20 Confessions To Attract Money And Wealth

1. Money likes me. Money flows easily into my life. As I give, I make room for more. I am a conduit of money into the kingdom.

2. I attract money naturally. Everything I touch is minting money.

3. I am laying up gold as dust. The angel of wealth accompanies me everywhere I go and causes money to come to me freely.

4. I have new opportunities and channels to make money. I have more than enough money to fulfill all my commitments and vows.

5. Whatever activities I perform makes money for me and I am always full of money. Financial ideas keep coming to me.

6. I have money to save, to spend and to give.

7. Money and I have a good relationship. It does not fear or shy away from me. I know how to manage, multiply and utilize it.

8. I am a money magnet; money is constantly attracted to me. Men are giving into my account daily.

9. Every day I am attracting and saving more and more money. He daily loads me with benefits.

10. I have all the money I require for a good life and godliness. I enjoy my life because I always have money for all I require.
Growing Money
11. I am debt-free as money is constantly flowing into my life and I know what to do with it.

12. My wealth consciousness in Christ is always increasing and keeping me surrounded by money. God trusts me with money.

14. I am a custodian of money just as I am a custodian of the Gospel, therefore, I am a big-time partner of the Gospel. My money wins souls to the kingdom of God.

15. I am greatly rich, I am successfully rich, I am eternally rich. I am rich in Euros, I am rich in Dollars, I am rich in Pounds, Rands, Naira, Cedis, etc. I am rich in all the major currencies of the world.

16. I have all the monies I require where I want them. When I enter any country, money is waiting for me there, therefore I travel light.

17. I have more than enough, therefore, I abound unto every good work and charitable donations. My giving is pleasing to the Father!

18. I am a Seed of Abraham, I am a beneficiary of His blessings. Therefore I am a haver and through me many generations are blessed!

19. As Jesus is, so am I in this world. Money can never be a challenge or hindrance to my growth, I ascend above it, I have authority and I exercise my authority over it. I have money always...

20. I make Money look like sand, Money will never finish in my hand, money in every land is yielding to and for me, I have Money everywhere...


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