17 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Keep Secrets From Your Spouse

1. As husband and wife, you need to be spiritually, emotionally, sexually, financially and physically naked to each other. Open and transparent.

2. Eventually, secrets come out, and when they do, the consequences are often bad.

3. Secrets easily lead to affairs.

4. Once you keep one secret, you will find it easy to keep more secrets from your spouse.

5. Secrets will lead you to cook up lies to keep the truth from your spouse.

6. Secrets easily lead to mistrust especially when they come out in the open or through third parties.

7. Secrets will interfere with the intimacy between you two with you being too guarded and your spouse suspecting you are hiding something.

8. Secrets rob your spouse from the chance of knowing you better and being there for you deeper.
Discordant couple
9. Secrets can easily lead you to rely on another person emotionally on the matter you are hiding from your spouse.

10. Secrets will keep you from being one with each other and free with each other by making you feel you need to edit or select what your spouse knows

11. Secrets can lead you to feel alone with you searching for solutions alone and often making an even greater mess.

12. Keeping secrets can affect your prayer-life.

13. Keeping secrets will make you paranoid preventing you from enjoying your life and marriage.

14. Disclosing to your spouse your secrets frees you. Darkness gets its keep power from its secrecy.

15. Disclosing to your spouse your secrets makes you more confident in your marriage

16. Sharing your secrets might be tough at first, but eventually leads to you two being closer and your love stronger. Many couples don't graduate into a deep love because they only share the shallow stuff.

17. If you will not be free with your spouse, who will you be free with? Your spouse ought to be your best friend. You and your spouse are both adults and can handle the truth.

Sharing even the not so pleasant truths with your spouse heightens trust and makes you credible. Love is for the mature. Don't walk alone yet you have a spouse by your side.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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