Why You Should be In A Good Relationship

The purpose of being in a good relationship is to find someone you can spend the rest of your life with. That's it. You don't date to waste other people's time. 

You don't date to have someone feed your ego. You don't date to temporarily fill a void emotionally or physically. You date to find that one person who you feel like you can spend the rest of your life with.

A relationship is not about having a handsome boyfriend or a pretty girlfriend. It’s not about trying to make things perfect because there are no perfect relationships. But it’s finding someone who matches you and would accept the worst of you and will go through everything without giving up on you
Why You Should be In A Good Relationship
Why You Should be In A Good Relationship
Finally One of the best things about being in the right relationship is the peace you feel with not having to worry about the other person breaking your heart. It's such a beautiful thing when both of you can start a brand new chapter together on the same page.

When both of you can be transparent with each other, and accept each other wholeheartedly, it really is a great feeling. You will know when you are in the right relationship when the other person makes you feel emotionally and mentally happy all the way around.
Ask yourself these questions

Are you in a good relationship?

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Are you taking advantage of someone ?

Are you looking for a good relationship ?

Because if you are in a good relationship or looking for a good one, very soon, messages saying "Happy Married Life" shall flood your phone. Congratulations in advance.
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