Nice High School Confessions: Grad Zimunya

In my high school days, I remember a time when we got divided into our class on the basis of whether one was a boarder or a day scholar. 

The division got so strong that we even got divided into our sitting arrangement. The boarders would sit to the right and the day scholars to the left.
By Grad Zimunya

Unfortunately, most of the top performers were boarders and in the top 10, there would be only about three-day scholars myself being one of them! Being one of the sharp students I was almost like a leader to the day scholars.

I remember when we would have debates and even though I wasn't one of the best English students I would stand up and argue as a way of facing up with the boarders.
School children
One day we were given a mathematics test and having studied wisely, widely but not wildly (as Mr. Jerie would say) I totalized the test. The best border for that test got about 80%. Now my fellow day scholars were correctly positioned and they got very high marks.

The majority of the day scholars got very high marks because they were correctly positioned around me and there was diffusion of data from the high region of concentration to the lower regions of concentration.

It was a win for the day scholars. The win was due to one person (me) and the diffusion was stronger to those closest to me. There are also day scholars who were either average or independent who were not part of this cabal and they did not get above 75%.

1. For you to pass the tests of life copy Christ. He is the best in our class having overcome the greatest test of sin and death.

2. For you to get the highest mark to stay closest to Him and copy directly from Him. I remember I totalized that test and those in the inner circle got around 96%.

3. Be hungry enough and lean not on your own understanding. There are guys within our cabal who copied selectively. These got good marks but not the best. Those who were very hungry understood that I was writing the marking scheme so they made sure they copied everything as it was.
4. Trust in the Lord and surrender totally to Him. Today I am amazed and how these guys would trust me to such levels. Most of them were just copying and pasting without even reading the question. These are the ones who had the highest marks because the entrusted their results in me.

My question is which side are you on boarders or day scholars. If you are on the day scholars' side how far are you from Grad lol and how much are you coping.

In essence, my points are:

1. You need to make a decision to choose Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. This is the beginning of a relationship with God and that is the correct side.
2. Stay as close as you can to the Lord. You stay close to Him by reading His Word and speaking to Him in prayer always.

God bless you!

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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