Must Read: Umm Fungawo! Think!

Pastors do not ask you to pay for healing and deliverance and this is right. They should not ask for payment on these ... yet those who receive this kinda blessing must THINK on themselves kuti in casting out that demon by the Spirit, pastor lost calories panyama so I must do something.

Dorcas had a double story house, died and was raised from the dead but let Peter go and sleep at the home of Simon the tanner, fully knowing that Jews are not to be associated with dead things. Doka aibatsira hake vanoshaya asi apa wakatadza kufunga.
Must Read: Umm Fungawo! Think!

After raising the dead who has a house, the pastor has nowhere to sleep. Ah think! I pray for you till you have 5 cars asi wondisiya ndichienda ndiri pakadoma? Ah fungawo! Mary Magdalene had seven demons cast out of her by Jesus and she started the Jesus Partnership Fund which helped Jesus(Luke 8:2-3)...ndokufungaka!

After Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead the sister,Mary, made a great supper, took a pound of anointment of spikenard, very costly and dressed and decorated Jesus with it(John 12:1-3) Ndopanoti
kufungaka! Do not just be a tick...kungoda kumoora is hard for God to entrust a man with the anointing...andthough anointed mufundisi haadye spiritual sadza, not do his children have angelic

Take good care of the servants of God in your life. God desires their prosperity, you too should desire the same(Psalm 35:27). Mfundisi wako anoshaya chekudya, pekugara, chekusimira iwe uripo? Ahhh. Asi uchikomborerwa nemharidzo nemiteuro yake...aiwa ahhhh fungawo! Kikiki, ndaseka zvangu...but seka uchifungawo!

Ndini wako waunodisisa achikudisisawo Apostle Pride Sibiya.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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