Must Read: Dating A Married Man And Rented Houses

Dating married man is like falling in love with a rental house thinking that one day your landlord will hand it over to you for free.

All married men will tell you they married by mistake, they are willing to leave everything just for you because you are the right woman for then. I will tell you it's a lie, no married man is willing to divorce their wife for you.

He is just being selfish to keep you hanging around him.
Making Love
In the long run, when married men retire, they go back and stay home with their wives, especially when they have little resources to waste on you. When a married man carries you in his car, you might think you are doing well in life until he walks out on you and you realize that you own nothing.
The level of desperation and dependency continues until however badly you are treated, you have to stay in this relationship to maintain a lifestyle, you are a slave for life.

Every woman needs a sustainable source of livelihood that does not rob her the dignity, the respect and above all, a choice she can control.

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