Let's Talk About Overcoming Spiritual Husbands And Wives

One of the things to overcome them is through holiness, walking in the purity of the body, soul, and spirit. However, the spirit husband is very strong and hard to divorce and overcome. 

The water spirit has a variety of families, these include, the queen of the coast, python spirit, spirit spouse, spirit children. Sadly, it is almost impossible for some Christians to divorce and overcome the rage of spirit spouse in their lives.

These spirits are the most formidable demons hindering many people's deliverance, victory, health, financial breakthrough, academic success, fruitfulness, etc.

All over the world, the spirit husband, spirit wife, and spirit children are responsible for late marriages, marital problems, miscarriages, barrenness, long-staying of pregnancy, financial debt, hardship. For example, a relationship between a married woman and the spirit spouse can cause serious setbacks, thereby making it difficult for some married woman to conceive or bear children successfully.

Let's Talk About Overcoming Spiritual Husbands And Wives
Let's Talk About Overcoming Spiritual Husbands And Wives

Sexual dreams are the most common ways of contacting a spirit spouse. This is done for the purpose of engaging and luring people into spiritual marriages. You may not have any problems in the future if you are not in any soul tie covenant with the spirit husband or spirit wife.

But spiritual problems will arise when you see yourself playing with children in the dream, backing children, kissing in the dream, seeing snakes, seeing dogs in the dream, seeing animals or masquerade pursuing you, dressing naked in the dream, etc – These are many signs that you are operating under the covenant of spiritual marriage of  spirit husband and spirit wife.

Physically, many people have been affected by the spirit husband, spirit wife or children through sexual relations with a possessed person. Through unholy clothes, perming of hair, loss of shoes in the dream. Through bathing in the river. Through eating the food cooked by a possessed person. Through handshakes with unclean people who have problems with the marine demons and many more.
 I prophesy over your life, if you have been going through this satanic spirit for long and your life have been up and down today I command the fire of deliverance enter your body from today your freedom is settled in Jesus' Name.

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