Church Pastor Says,"Menstruation Is Beautiful!"

"Since time immemorial women have menstruated and still do. The obliteration of menstruation on the earth would spell total disaster and bleakness because this would be the inauguration of the consummation of the end of human life." Apostle Pride Sibiya says.

The cleric has been at the forefront, amongst religious groupings and his church, of fighting against menstruation stigma. Being part of a program run by the Sweedish Embassy to Zimbabwe, Sibiya shocked participants by saying that, he often goes to the shop to buy menstrual health products for his wife.

Is it acceptable for men in general and clergymen, in particular, to be associated with issues to do with menstruation?

Here is Sibiya's response: There cannot be men without menstruation. I am a man because I was born more than four decades ago. I was born because mama was gifted by God to have a vibrant menstrual cycle. without that cycle, there is no human life.
Church Pastor Says,"Menstruation Is Beautiful!"
Church Pastor Says,"Menstruation Is Beautiful!"
I wonder why men frown when ladies talk to them about menstruation or periods as if to suggest that it is ugly. menstruation is beautiful and must be celebrated by all because it is a sign of productivity and procreation. We need to know that this process was created by God and God said, it is good."
Many males laugh at ladies or avoid them when they know that they are at that time of the month.

Apostle Sibiya has said this mind, say out your mind, what do you think?

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Church Pastor Says,"Menstruation Is Beautiful!"
Church Pastor Says,"Menstruation Is Beautiful!"
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