Choose A Good Life Partner

Not all angels are pretty and good looking. Not all good women/men are beautiful and good looking. When you're choosing your life partner (or even just a friend) your number one focus should be what type of person he/she is, good or bad type?

What we need in relationship/friendship is peace, love, harmony, and security. Never exchange these things for beauty or any other things. If you marry a man/woman with a devilish heart he/she will take you to hell, lock you inside and throw the key away. You have the beauty(outward look) but you lack the peace of mind and love.
Beautiful African Woman
Here is the test of life, most people desire beautiful things in life because they think that will make them happy. But careful examination has shown that what people need in life is peace, love, harmony, and security. If you marry a woman/man because of beauty or any other things you'll soon find yourself to blame.

What is beauty or what is that thing without happiness and peace of mind? Most of the medicine tastes bitter in your mouth but they do the healing when they get inside you.

If you desire a good life, relationship, friendship then focus on the type of person you're dealing with. Most times we know the right thing to do but we won't do it because we care more about what people will say or because we want to show off, get praise from people.
This has led many to make bad choices and sooner or later will regret it. You can't go back in time to correct things but you can try to correct what's still correctable now before it's too late.

Don't forget that 'Not all angels are pretty and good looking. Not all good women/men are beautiful and good looking'. Only go for what's good if you want to enjoy your life in peace and harmony.

Take good care and God bless you.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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