30 Lessons To Get Early In Ministry

Here are some lessons that I have learnt in ministry. Some came rather naturally; others were very painful:

1. Ministry is patience.

2. Ministry will test you no matter where you start from and what you start with.

3. Ministry blossoms with diligence and faithfulness.

4. Some friends will be needed at different stages but you must be ready to let Lot go when it is time.

5. No one can succeed alone in the ministry, you need mentors & partnership.

6. Give the best at all times you are given an opportunity. A well-utilized opportunity can boost your ministry forever.

7. You can’t succeed in ministry without copying what has worked for others. Use only good methods after approval by the Holy Spirit to improve your ministry.

8. Some pastors will never respect your calling.

9. Some pastor friends will never accept your personality.

10. Some pastor friends will always focus on your weakness and forget what God is achieving with you.

11. You need the discipline to stay alive with the word of God as a pastor.

12. There is a pearl of wisdom you will never get until the need arises in your ministry.

13. You must respect those who have gone ahead of you no matter their age.

14. We don’t use age to do ministry.

15. Your classmate can be your ministry teacher.

16. Competition is real on the ground. Up your game to stay in the game. We are fishing from the same pool.

17. Never prioritize anything above the value of a soul in your ministry.

18. Runaway for adultery, alcohol drinking and lust

19. Put structures in place but be open-hearted to the leadings of the Spirit of God.
30 Lessons To Get Early In Ministry


21. Every year you will lose important people in your ministry to the exodus.

22. Every year you will get some good fishes into the sheepfold.

23. Grow fast if you want to make an impact on the ministry. Equipping yourself is to your own credit.

24. Holiness must be more than a desire but a life!!!!!

25. Guard your heart against money and offenses.

26. Don’t cherish preaching as guests more than staying home to feed the flock you said you love!

27. Be among the top three highest givers in your church. Pay your tithe ALWAYS!!! Redeem your pledges ALWAYS!!

28. Caring for your members is very important, pray for them, text them & visit them to ask for their welfare.

29. Humility will elevate you when others think you don’t qualify. STAY HUMBLE STAY HUMBLE STAY HUMBLE!!!

30. Fasting is a non-negotiable element for a growing church!!!!

I felt like sharing this# Let’s keep learning and do Jesus proud in our generation!!!

Go, Evangelise people in the world and win SOULS to God Almighty for SALVATION THROUGH CHRIST JESUS OUR LORD. Pls send to all the men or women of God you know, they will surely appreciate you in response to adding value to their ministry.

2-TIMOTHY 3 VS 16-17.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.
Apostle Pride Sibiya
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