True Ministerial Ethics Shown:Must Read!

Bishop David Oyedepo (Founder of LIVING FAITH CHURCH) once had a female member of his church suffering from insanity.  The lady was brought to his house and after prayers, she had temporary reliefs. However, she lapsed again and again, so the Bishop decided it was best the woman lived with them so her faith would be built for a perfect deliverance.
Bishop David Oyedepo
One day the said lady approached Oyedepo with a concerned look. She told of how anytime she prayed alone, she saw the face of W.F Kumuyi (Founder of DEEPER LIFE BIBLE CHURCH). She didn't know what it meant. But Bishop Oyedepo full of wisdom knew, "It can only mean one thing! God wants Pst Kumuyi to pray for you. I see him as not just a bonafide minister but a senior and higher in ministry than myself" compassionately the bishop penned a handwritten letter and sent the sealed letter with the unstable lady to Kumuyi with his own personal driver"

When Kumuyi read the letter, he laid hands on the lady and she was instantly and permanently healed. But Kumuyi sent her back with his own handwritten note on his letterhead. "Here is your daughter. I am sending her back to you. I HAVE PRAYED FOR HER AS THE LORD INSTRUCTED and she's been gloriously healed!"

This shows God sees us as one, A BODY OF CHRIST, nothing less, nothing more.
Yes get a church or ministry where you serve and worship and be loyal (it's a virtue) to it. But do yourself a favor by not boxing yourself to just that church or ministry.

Source: Faith Gist

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