Things You Should Consider In Retirement And Old Age

When you get to your retirement age.
1. May you look back at your wealth and be proud of how you acquired it; not through corruption or dubious means but honorable ways.
 2. May you look back at how you loved your spouse throughout the years in marriage. May you still be united with the spouse of your youth. May you not look back and regret at how you messed up a good marriage, but feel fulfilled you made your marriage stand.
3. May you look back and be delighted by how your child/children turned out to be. May you see the fruits of your good parenting. May you be pleased that you made time for your family.
4. May you look back and be glad that you gave your life to God in your youth and have countless testimonies from your walk with God. May you not rebel and disobey God during your prime years only to run to God when you're old and frail.
Old Couple
5. May you look back and feel pleased that you didn't reduce your earthly life to a rut race just to pay bills but that you pursued your purpose and dreams, you dedicated years of your life doing what you love to do not a stressful job you hated that had you in emotional slavery.
6. May you look back and be proud of your financial choices. May you not age in debt but in surplus. May wealth surround you as life gets calmer and may you leave an inheritance for your children's children.
7. May you look back and smile at the sexual memories you made when you used to be sexually active. May you not regret your sexual acts that led to infidelity, stress, multiple abortions, and uncertainty; but smile about your faithfulness and sexual prowess knowing that in your life, you experienced great sex.
8. May you look back at the character and reputation you built through the years lived and feel proud of yourself. In your old age, may your name be a name of honor? May you leave a rich legacy.
9. May you look back and thank God you lived a healthy lifestyle. May your old age is not a struggle against lifestyle diseases, but a season of good health and rest as you enjoy your years of investment and hard work.
10. May you look back and rejoice at all the people you have mentored over time. May you witness the people you have held their hand succeed. May the generation that comes after you see a hero in you This life is temporary. Live it well. Live it right.

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