School Of Counselling: Basic Etiquette Rules

1. If you desire to be respected, keep clean. The finest attire and decorations will add nothing to the appearance or beauty of an untidy person.

2. Clean clothing, clean skin, clean hands, including the nails, and clean, white teeth, are a requisite passport for good society.

3. A bad breath should be carefully remedied, whether it proceeds from the stomach or bad teeth.

4. To pick the nose, finger about the ears, or scratch the head or any other part of the person, in company, is decidedly vulgar.

5. When you call at any private residence, do not neglect to clean your shoes thoroughly.

6. On entering a hall or church, the gentleman should always precede the lady in walking up the aisle, or walk by herside if the aisle is broad enough.

7. A gentleman should always precede a lady upstairs, and follow her downstairs.

8. On leaving a hall or church at the close of entertainment or services, the gentleman should precede the lady.

9. A gentleman walking with a lady should carry her parcels, and never allow a lady to be burdened with anything what ever.

10. If a lady is travelling with a gentleman, simply as a friend, she should place the amount of her expenses in his hands, or insist on paying the bill herself.

11. Never carry on a private conversation in company. If secrecy is necessary, withdraw from the company.

12. Never sit with your back to another, without asking to be excused.

13. It is as unbecoming for a gentleman to sit with legs crossed as it is a lady.

14. Never thrum with your fingers, rub your hands, yawn or sigh in public.

15. Loud laughter, loud talking, or other boisterous manifestations should be checked in the society of others, especially on the street and in public places.

16. When you are asked to sing or play in company, do so without being urged, or refuse in any way that shall be final; and when music is being rendered in company, show politelness to the musician by giving attention. It is very impolite to keep up a conversation. If you do not enjoy the music, keep silent.

17. You should never decline to be intorduced to anyone or all the guests at a party to which you have been invited.

18. To take small children or dogs with you on a visit of ceremony is altogether vulgar, though in visiting familiar friends, children are not objectionable. 

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