He's How To Be Definite That Your Girlfriend Is Cheating

Women talk so much about guys and how much they hate being played by guys. Well, sometimes if not most times women play the game too. If you want a serious relationship but can’t tell if she is on the same boat, here are important signs that she’s probably playing games.

She calls you a friend
If you are in a relationship and she keeps referring to you as or introducing you as “just a friend” that is friend zone at its peak. This leaves you uncertain of your relationship status and makes your relationship imaginary. If you want something serious, do not be afraid to walk away.

She only remembers you when she needs a favor
If she only plans to meet, talk or calls only when she is in need, there’s a chance she’s playing you. If she calls on you only when she needs a knight in shining armor, bills to pay or some form of support but never does the same for you, chances are you are being played. In a relationship, you need to be supportive and help her when she’s in need but come on! If she’s so needy and cares only about herself you’re being played.

Manipulative behavior
If she makes you feel guilty constantly or blackmails you emotional every time to the point it feels like you have to change so much about yourself to make her happy, it is not okay.

She never takes pictures with you or never posts your pictures.
She could have a reason for this. Maybe, she doesn’t like taking pictures. But if she has a bunch of pictures with friends, family on her social media platforms and you’re not included, she probably doesn’t see you having longterm potential or she’s cheating or she’s ashamed of you and keeping your relationship a secret.

She doesn’t introduce you to friends or family
If the relationship just started and she hesitates to introduce you to friends and family, there could be good explanations. But when the relationship has been for a longer period and you intend to be serious about it but she deliberately avoids introducing you to important people in her life, someone is being played.

She controls the relationship.
When she calls the big shots, make all the decisions in the relationship and does things only at her convenience she makes it clear she has no respect for your feelings or your need to be a man. This leaves you desperate in your relationship and pussy-whipped.

No matter how much you love her, if you want something serious but she keeps playing games, do not be afraid to walk away. 

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