Apostle Sibiya To Church Elders Concerning Pastors' Welfare

The Church, as big as yours, must take care of its full-time ministers fully unless it is just starting. This is done by your tithes. Nehemiah complained that ministers had left their job in the Temple for secular jobs coz people weren't tithing(Neh 13:10-12).
By Apostle Pride Sibiya
Apostle Pride Sibiya and family
However, this does not provide for space for laziness on the minister. You can start a clean business. Do not force people, intimidate, manipulate or cheat people their money. A pastor must not count or keep the money. I personally have problems with young people who say they are into full-time but we do not see the full proof of full-time ministry: they sleep 12hrs, do not have time with people, do not study, do not pray for people, do not cast out demons, do not counsel...what kind of full-time is that? The Bible says, he who works not should eat not...why should you eat if there is no full-proof of full-time commitment? The gospel is not a money-making biz, it is God's sacred calling.

However saints must not muzzle ministers. Those who work by the alter live by the alter, those who preach live by the gospel(1 Cor 9:13-14,1 Tim 5:18). You cannot build a mega church without releasing your pastor to do his work freely. After this the pastor himself must tithe to his/her spiritual covering, the tithe of tithes(Numb 18:25). Never submit to someone who is not submitted to anyone!
Please take care of the servants of God in your life and may servants of God take care of their flock. We are at a critical time of the end-season, we have to move fast in preaching the Gospel and supplant satanic activities, bringing salvation to nations, money and welfare cannot hinder us, we belong to the Kingdom of God. May business people do "even greater" in supporting the work of God.

God bless you so much, I pray for your prosperity, your pastors' prosperity and the prosperity of the work of God!

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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