You Will Give Birth To A Special Child! (English Version)

It is typical of God that when he wants to do something great in your life he leaves your enemies to go ahead and act as if they have overcome you.

Sometimes it might look as if God has forgotten or forsaken you, yet God's time is not the same as human time, He does his things in His own sovereign power. The Bible states that Elkanah had two wives who were Hannah and Peninah, it goes on to say that Hannah had no child yet Peninah had numerous of them. Peninah was the one who came to Hannah's husband but here she seemed to be enjoying life whilst Hannah is crying day and night. The word says that Peninnah was always poking and provoking Hannah because of her barrenness.
You Will Give Birth To A Special Child! (English Version)

You might be in Hannah's situation today but I have come to you with a message that says, " you will give birth to a special child." If God wants to do great things in your life he usually allows the opposition to go ahead of you. Some are saying you are illiterate. Some saying you have grown past the age of getting married, whilst some will be saying you are way behind those of your age now own houses. Hey hey hey!! It's just Peninah provoking you, instead of answering back ignore and keep on looking unto the Author and Perfector of your faith.

It is only mentioned that Penninah had children but we never heard their names. When Hannah conceived Samuel the whole nation knew about him and even up to now we preach about Samuel.
Allow me to say, " Never despise what is conceived by a barren.
God is not in the business of doing things when everyone is expecting him to, he allows a man to despise and look down on you, he gives room for people to name call you and give you shameful names. Laugh oh man!! But when God starts doing things, my children will ordain Kings. A delay in me conceiving a child does not mean I'm barren. It is because I am destined to have a special child who will come at an appointed time.
Never look down on yourself or compare yourself to others you are special.

Surely you will give birth to a special child

By Apostle Pride Sibiya

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