Some Dreams You Need To Check URGENTLY!

Like I have always taught, not every dream is spiritual and not every dream is a demonic attack, some are just psychological videos replaying your likes, hopes and fears. 

However, if they are consistant these dreams need a deliverance check:

1. SICK: If you dream that you were terribly sick, it means you are spiritually sick which may lead to physical sickness. The sickness may be severe if adequate steps are not taken.

TREATMENT: Isaiah 53:5

2. CRYING: If you cry over the death of someone in the dream, it means there is a piece of bad news coming towards you or the family.

TREATMENT: Reject untimely death and bad news. Ps 118:17

3. FLOOD: If you dream that flood came into your house, business environment, shops, it means a serious spiritual attack is coming that will lead to loss, poverty, and starting all over again in life. TREATMENT. Isaiah 59:19

4. SNAKES: If you notice that a snake is about to harm you, it is time to receive more power from God, because it means you are under the close monitoring of the enemy. Your enemy is seriously planning to destroy you. Reject it.

TREATMENT: Luke 10:19.
5. WEDDING: If you wed an unknown man in the dream, it means you are into spiritual marriage with the spirit spouse. If it happens you know the person and you don't have anything to do with him in the real world, it foretells that you will marry the person God has not assigned for you.

TREATMENT: Divorce any kind of evil marriage properties claiming your destiny. John 14:1-31, Ps 139:14

6. FRUITS: If you pluck unripe fruits in the dream, it means un-fruitfulness to a woman and setbacks to a man. But if the fruits were ripe in the dream, consider your ways open. It shows you are a fruitful woman or man.

TREATMENT:  Psalm 92:12, Matthew 7:16-20

7. NATIVE DOCTOR: If you see yourself before the native doctor, i mean witch doctor, it means you are about to seek for power, protection and miracle. If you have established a certain covenant with God before you had this dream, God may decide to punish you for this. This dream also means that you are under the authority of enchanter and diviners, and which may destroy all the things God has provided for you. Be careful. Avoid evil thoughts.

TREATMENT: Numbers 23:23, Psalm 35

8. PASTOR: If you dream that a popular pastor was praying for you to the extent of healing you, it is a good dream. If the dream is constant, then there is a message. it is an indication that your blessings is in the hand of the man of God. In most cases, pray before embarking to see the man of God. Some of this dream may just be a figment of your imagination so you don't land yourself in trouble or see yourself in the corridor of false prophets.

TREATMENT: 2 Peter 1:21. Wisdom is the key

9. BOYFRIEND: If you dream that your Boyfriend was proposing to you when he has not said anything to you in the reality, Hey, don't crucify him yet, if you follow it up with prayers, your prayers may force him to declare his intention of marrying you. don't make a mistake by telling him. Okay?

TREATMENT: Romans 12:2

10. EATING: If you eat in the dream means sickness. The type of foods you eat determines its other meanings. But in most cases, eating in the dream means satanic manipulation and control.The food you ate in the dream could cause stagnancy, delay, setbacks, failure, working without no progress, wasted years.

TREATMENT: Matt 15:13

11. SEX: If you sex a person in the dream, it means loss. As a man, the moment you releases your sperm, you have present your glory to the marine spirit to keep in their banks. If you had sex with a man, it means you will suffer marital blessings and financial progress.

IT SHOWS THAT YOU HAVE a spirit husband or wife that always satisfy your sexual urge. If you are married, your husband may not like you again. General symptoms are, pollution, child-lessness, marital delay, blockage of womb and sperm. it causes infertility in men and women. Psalm 27.

12. BRIDGE: If you dream that you passed through a bridge without no obstruction on your way, it is a sign that you have overcome your challenges and some of them will be converted to blessings.

TREATMENT: Mark 13:14

Did you now that Jesus Christ s the solution to every evil attack?

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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