Money And The Ministry: Pastor Edwin Tawengwa

Greetings Generals. I trust the week has been a great one regardless of the various issues and challenges we may be dealing with in this life. Today, we will be exploring the issue of money as it relates to our ministry strategy.

Money has its place in ministry. This is something every visionary appreciates, and yet many of us are not proactive in how we deal with the subject. Every successful ministry has to have a financial strategy. This strategy must be guided by the mission, message, model and methods of our ministry.

1. How are you raising money to finance the ministry?

a. Tithes and offerings
Scripture gives us a basic model to kick start us, called giving. Most ministers teach on tithing and offerings. This is a very essential part of funding the gospel.

We therefore must develop a culture of generosity in our churches, so that we can not only drive the mission but also facilitate for the people to be blessed financially and thus they can give more.

In this regard I advise that as the set man, lead by example. Be the most invested individual in the vision. Give sacrificially, cheerfully and wholeheartedly. That culture is modeled from the front.

b. Grants and donor funds
The church if properly structured and modeled, can be a channel for donor funds that are generally targeted towards social causes. One can align the social cause with the Great Commission and leverage these funds for the gospel

Take time to engage with the communities that have funds earmarked for social transformation, and see where and if your goals and missions can be aligned. (refuse to compromise your highest values for liquidity)
c. Business endeavours
The church can be invested in the business world and use the profits to finance their mission. This can range from the church running a bookshop, preschool, coffee shop or even going as far as investing in real estate, banking etc in order to finance the gospel.
I remember visiting the grounds of  Action Chapel in Accra, Ghana last year, I was blown away by what I saw. A bank, a hotel, apartments, restaurant and university that are 100% owned by the church and the money is channeled into their mission.

In conclusion, let's be more intentional about our financial strategies as ministries. We have an opportunity to change our world through the gospel and as such we need to be more purposeful about financing the Kingdom


Pastor Edwin Tawengwa
City on A Hill
Centurion, GP

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