Apostle Shiloh Masenyama Shares The 20 Things He Has Learnt From The Life Of Apostle Sibiya

I am so humbled to say, I have know Apostle Pride Sibiya for a very long time. Though now he is a renowned leader, author, blogger and relationship coach. I have had the honour to see him rising in ministry, and in the process learned a lot of thing from him.

He is the founder of Glory Ministries, a reform and renewal global Christian movement that is redefining the religious terrain and is now spread over Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia and Bahrain.

When you hear him talking about his first member, I am delighted to say - I am the man Apostle Pride Sibiya will be talking about. (We feature my life story in another article which we will share with you soon.)

Here Are The 20 Lessons I Have Learnt From The Life Of Apostle Sibiya:

1. Love: Apostle Sibiya has taught me to love people. He is a man of great love. He loves people regardless of their status in life.

He said no one is useless in life, you need people even if you have everything. You may have a funeral policy but when you die you need a person to facilitate your burial. People don't care how much you know until you show them how much you care. Love people and you will win them.
Apostle Shiloh Masenyama Share 20 Learnt From The Life Of Apostle Sibiya

2 Fatherhood: My father taught me real fatherhood. He says a father is not a title but a function. You are not a father because you are able to make a woman pregnant and have many children. You are a father because you function like one.

3 Humility: Apostle Sibiya is a Bishop of a church that has over 100 assemblies and oversees more than 100 pastors but he is humble that anyone can go to his office and see him. He takes time to respond to everyone's messages and pick up calls. You don't have to go through 6 secretaries or bodyguards to see him.

4. Submission: He taught me that if you want to be powerful in the ministry you should be able to submit to authority. He is very submissive to his own spiritual father and those who are in positions of authority in different platforms.

5. Respect: Apostle Sibiya is a man of great respect. He respects those who are older than him both physically and spiritually. He respects other men of God whether they have big churches or not. I am his son but he respects me as a servant of God. He does not look down upon anyone.

6 Honour: Apostle Sibiya gives honour to those who deserve to be honoured. He taught me to honour both my biological and spiritual parents. I am greatly challenged by the way he honours his spiritual parents and other spiritual fathers in the body of Christ and also the way he honours his biological mother.
Apostle Shiloh Masenyama Share 20 Learnt From The Life Of Apostle Sibiya
Apostle Shiloh Masenyama Share 20 Learnt From The Life Of Apostle Sibiya
7. Excellence: I have learnt from my father that everything that you do, do it to your best ability with excellence and with exceptionality. Research and prepare well before you teach or preach. Bath and dress well. Even eating you must eat well.

8. Marriage: He advocates for strong marriages. He has taught me to love my wife and family. He says you can not succeed in ministry if you don't have a strong marriage and family. Be a good family manager before you can manage God s work. Value your wife and family. Don't win the word at the expense of your marriage.

9. Teach and equip others: He is a great teacher and takes his time to research on different topics and issues that affect the society and the body of Christ. He taught me that as a leader you must be a reader and be knowledgeable with a lot of things. He is not stingy with information.

10. Reproduce: He has joy in reproducing himself. He wishes to have as many Sibiyas as he can. He says as a leader you must reproduce after your own kind. He says if he is to die today Glory Ministries will not die because he has given birth to other Apostles and ministers who will carry on with the work. Don't have a superstar mentality that if you are not there the work can not be done.

It is the duty of  fathers to reproduce, equip, release and put your children in the limelight.
Apostle Shiloh Masenyama Share 20 Learnt From The Life Of Apostle Sibiya
11. Encourage: He is a great encourager. He has this ability to encourage even a nobody to do great things. He taught me to always say positive things to the people I lead. Tell them you can do it, you are great and you are the best.

This will boost their self-confidence.

12. Leadership: He taught me to be a great leader. He says leadership is influence and not position. You must influence people. Lead by example and be a servant of the people that's real leadership. Have followers and everything that you do must be motivated by love.

13. Shepherding: Apostle Sibiya says a true shepherd must smell sheep dung, not perfume. You must identify with your sheep, know them by name, know where they stay. Know those that have wounds that need to be nursed. Don't be complicated, be simple and have an open line of communication.

Your sheep don't have to go through 10 secretaries and navigate through 20 bodyguards to see you. Do home visits, attend funerals, weddings etc. Be there for your sheep.

14. Integrity: My father is a man of integrity. He has taught me to walk the talk and to talk the walk. Practice what you preach and teach. Don't teach tithe when you yourself don't tithe. Don't claim
To be an angel and then live like the devil.

Your actions make more noise than what you say.

15. Dedication: He taught me to be dedicated and be serious with what I do in life. He says if you are not serious with your life and ministry no one will be serious even God himself. Things don't just happen we make things to happen.

16. Sacrifice: He taught me that leadership is sacrifice. You can not be a leader without sacrifice. If you want to go to the next level in life you have to sacrifice. He has sacrificed a lot of things for the ministry and for God. He always leads by example.

17. Giving: Apostle is a serious giver. He has taught me to give over the years. There is nothing too big for him to give. Whatever God points him to give he gives regardless of how dear it is to him.

Everything I have belongs to the Lord and if he asks of it I give it. He has given a lot of things to the ministry and in some other people's life.

18. Prayer: My father is a man of prayer. When he wants things to happen he prays. He can have an all-night of prayer by himself. He has taught me to pray and fast.

19. Faith: Apostle Sibiya has taught me to have faith in God no matter what. He has taught me even a higher dimension than faith, that is trusting God in all things.

10. Worship: My father has taught me real worship. He said worship is a lifestyle, not a session. The way you live must worship God.

I Leave Other Lessons For You: What have you learned from Apostle P. Sibiya. Share your thoughts in the comment box below.
Apostle Shiloh Masenyama Share 20 Learnt From The Life Of Apostle Sibiya
Apostle S Masenyama is the first member of Glory Ministries and he now serves as the International Overseer for Glory Ministries.
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