A Closer Look At Knowledge Musona's Miss: Even Heroes...!

"Five minutes after the break, the Warriors opened the Cranes defence with a superb move that saw the ball being switched from the belly of the Ugandans’ rearguard to the right where it was then moved to Musona who found himself, alone, with a yawning goal pleading with him to just stroke the ball into its comforting arms.

It’s the kind of opportunities that, in street football, the attacking team is allowed to pick the ball up because it’s given they would have scored and the defending side can restart the game just to ensure time isn’t wasted.

But Musona clipped the ball with his right foot, and from close range, somehow directed it against the crossbar in an act so incredible it had to be seen, to be believed, had to be replayed on the television monitors to be confirmed as true, so close to fantasy it took some minutes to believe this was reality."
Knowledge Musona
The above is a report by one of the news agencies concerning one of the misses by rated Zimbabwe striker, Knowledge Musona. A closer look at life shows that though we are critics in all of this, we have missed it somewhere even when it seemed easier to score.

Have you ever felt like everyone considers you a star?
That you carry the hopes and aspirations of many?

Yet still, like a failure? Obviously, we all do at one point or another. The Bible says that "For everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God’s glorious standard."(Romans 3:23). Ladies and gentleman, such is life. The word sin there does not mean to be drunk or to be an adulterer, it means to miss the mark!

Musona missed the mark, we all have missed the mark! As we consider what is next for our national team, will they proceed in or are already out, look at your life as well...are you already in the Book of Life or out?

Are you proceeding to heaven or out? We, like Musona, have all missed the mark. For him, soldier on the son of the soil, we celebrate you even when you are crying, even heroes cry!

Go, warriors, go warriors!
For you, the only way is to open your heart and receive Jesus Christ as your personal saviour NOW!


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