Why Some Women Find It Very Difficult To Fall In Love Again

When a lady truly loves a man, she does not care to have problems with her parents if they refuse to accept the person. 

Ladies are very emotional when it comes to love, when they fall in love, they behave like children; they will be ready to do whatever their man wants even when it is against their wish.

When a lady truly loves a man, she will send away other men and stick to one man. But many men fail to appreciate this huge sacrifice and in the end turn out to break their heart when they have done nothing wrong to them.

Once a woman's heart is broken by someone she truly loves, she will find it very difficult to fall in love again. Even if she will, it will take her a long time.
Most ladies don't easily fall in love. A lot of factors such as quality time spent together, consistent enormous care, how her man treats others, her man's philosophy towards life and other things must play central roles for her to fall in love.

Since some ladies' hearts have been broken by those they truly love when they did nothing wrong to them, they find it very difficult to trust any man again. They feel they will still be left in the rain and in darkness if they fall in love again. At times even when they find a man they love, they may not want to be absolutely committed to the man because of fear of having another broken heart.
Men shouldn't be too quick to criticize some ladies for certain things they do.

If they know what such ladies have gone through in the hands of terrible men, they will feel sorry for them. Although no reason should justify any wrongdoing by any lady, we should not be too quick to criticize people without suggesting the way forward.

Terfa Naswem, Relationship, Marriage and Family Counselor.

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