The Power Of A Strong Character In Life

Character is one of the traits most leaders we are lacking and we need constant time to work on it.
Charisma without character inopinza musango!

1. Character protects power and vision.

2. Leadership is only as safe as your character.

3. Your gift can never protect your character but your character will protect your gift.

4. You were born to lead but you must become a leader.

5. True leaders never seek followers.

6. You cannot teach leadership; you give information that causes the leaders to develop.
Apostle Pride Sibiya
7. Your skill is what you do, your gift is who you are.

8. Leadership is the capacity to influence others through inspiration geared by a passion.

9. Never trust an untested person.

10. True leadership is finding something to die for.

11. All great leaders are angry; the problem today is we don’t have enough angry leaders.

12. True leaders do not seek followers; true leaders attract followers.

13. You are a tree, and you must know people come for the fruit not the tree.

14. True leadership is not measured by how many people that serve you but how many people you serve.

15. Don’t depend on people to get your value.

16. That’s why many famous singers and entertainers do drugs and overdose because they depend on people for their value.

17. True leadership is determined by character.

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